Is your team’s prospecting ineffective or non-existent?

Do customers seem to be taking longer and longer to make decisions?

Are the sales you forecasted endangered by “questions of value” and buyer tactics?  or

Is your team achieving their goals through raw effort and 60 hour work weeks, burning out managers and salespeople along the way?

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Chip Doyle (BSEE - Univ of Texas, MBA - Univ of Chicago) made the difficult transition from engineer to successful salesperson in 1988 - conducting sales calls in 14 countries. Since his Sandler Training franchise opened in 2000, Chip has shared techniques and innovative methods that allow salespeople and consultants to take charge of the selling situation and "sell without sounding like a salesperson."  Read more...

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Sandler Sales Training Testimonial

Chip Doyle on a Better Way to Sell

Chip Doyle, trainer for Sandler Sales, suggests a better way to sell the customer: Learn to stop talking like a salesperson.


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Questioning Techniques – Why “General” Questions Don’t Work

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Questioning Techniques – Why “General” Questions Don’t Work

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