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Chip Doyle | Pleasant Hill, CA

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The old adage “Work smarter, not harder” is going to be my mantra for 2016. After countless hours of writing, editing and re-writing with my co-author, my book Selling to Homeowners the Sandler Way was finally published this week and is now available on Amazon. I’m anticipating 2016 will be busy with speaking engagements and other PR events to promote the book. While setting your own goals for 2016, consider these strategies from Chapter 7 “Don’t Go Broke Being Busy”

  1. All prospects do not qualify for a pitch, estimate or proposal. There are dozens of hours to be saved each year by systematically recognizing the prospects that will never buy. It’s the salesperson’s job to separate the good prospects from the bad.
  2. Be ready to take an order. Assuming you are in front of a good prospect, you should have everything necessary to close the deal. Yet many salespeople seem to think it’s OK to email an agreement after a successful meeting when they could have obtained a signature while they were there!
  3. Make firm appointments with your good prospects. The 6 little words “Let me get back to you” has caused more time wasting phone tag and stalled sales cycles than anything else. Replace those 6 with “Do you have your calendar handy?”
  4. Schedule enough time. Use the time you save to stop rushing through appointments with good prospects. Skipping steps or scheduling a second meeting because you ran out of time is not helping you achieve your goals.
  5. Stay on Pay Time. Schedule the sales activities that can ONLY be done during business hours during those hours. Schedule tasks that can be done at any time during off hours. For instance, work on expense reports or your CRM updates early in the morning or during off hours. Save business hours for appointments and prospecting.

 Happy Holidays and may 2016 be your best year ever!


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