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Chip Doyle | Pleasant Hill, CA

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Marketing is the role of identifying groups of people or companies that may be a fit with your product/service before person-to-person contact is made. 
Selling is the effort applied to those “possible fits” initiated by person-to-person contact.


Effective Marketing

Effective Selling

Targets many prospects at a time

Targets a single company or person

Generates interest in a product/service with one-way communication (i.e. print, radio, or TV)

Uses questioning techniques to uncover compelling reasons to buy in 2-way interactions, allowing the prospect to do most of the talking

Gives something away that is valuable (i.e. coupons, new concepts, research studies)

Avoids “unpaid” consulting or giving anything away for free

Provides generic concepts and solutions to a mass audience

Uncovers the unique benefits that will solve a particular customer’s problem

Causes the prospect to ask for more information

Causes the prospect to make a yes/no decision

Is repeated many times to a large prospective audience

Minimizes the sales cycle and the number of follow-ups made with a single prospect

Uses eye-catching phrases and memorable slogans

Uses very specific questions to uncover inter-related symptoms the prospect never considered

3 Types of Presentations

Marketing Presentations designed to generate leads and foster future conversations with your target prospects.

Sales Presentations to a prospect covering information or a proposal in exchange for a decision from the prospect.

Consulting Presentations delivered to customers in exchange for a fee or retainer.

Lots of sales problems arise when people misunderstand the type of presentation they are giving. For example I’ve seen people give sales presentations to marketing audiences, dozens of marketing presentations to individuals in the same company and never give a sales presentation and worst of all, consulting presentations to prospects!


Good Selling,

Chip Doyle




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