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Chip Doyle | Pleasant Hill, CA

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The Right Hire

Good sales people are hard to find when you need to hire one quickly – especially in this economy. Heads of Sales, CEOs and owners of companies are all super busy but often don’t realize that hiring top sales prospects is ongoing process even though they may have a full staff. Just like top sales folks are always filling their pipeline even though it may be full, companies must continually recruit sales folks. Some of our topics will include –

  • The True Cost of Hiring
  • Always Recruit (manager’s prospecting) Fuzzy files, techniques
  • Define the Ideal Candidate Using SEARCH
  • Attributes of Top Salespeople
  • The Pros and Cons of Sales Experience
  • Define the Efficient Template (optimum steps for hiring salespeople)
  • Millennials – Your Future Sales Superstars?
  • Job Boards and Buggy Whips - Creative Sourcing Strategies
  • Tailoring Your Approach (by industry, position, culture)
  • Hiring Right is Not Enough - Spring-Board New Hires for Success
  • and much more.
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Hiring the Right Salespeople Has Never Been Harder